Best Adult Electric Tricycle Bike Review

When kids first learn to ride a bike, it is often the 3-wheel version that they start out on. As such, tricycles have always been considered something of kid’s bike, but that has changed with the introduction of electric trikes. These are not the fun little bikes with wicker baskets and little tassels hanging off the handlebars. These are pretty powerful electric tricycles that are designed for the busy people on-the-go around town.

All of that said, the adult electric tricycle does carry some of the same characteristics as what you remember from your childhood years. While the basic design of the trike may be similar, the electric models have a lot more to offer for adults on the go. Let’s take a look at the below 2 models.

Shopper Electric Trike

The Shopper Electric Trike

The Shopper Electric Adult Tricycle is as close to the traditional 3-wheeler as you can get. This 24″ pedal-electric trike has a silent-hub motor with a variable speed of 0 to 11 MPH. You can go as slow as you would like or zip along to your destination. You can pedal normally with no resistance from the motor, use the twist grip throttle to rest your legs or pedal and power together for exercise. This is a powerful little trike that packs a bit of a punch, courtesy of a 500 Watt Motor and 35V 9AH battery. The motor provides a lot of power and you will be pleased to find that ordinary pedaling is very easy as well.

The Shopper is definitely a model that is meant for the smaller adult with its 24″ wheel design. This makes it a good choice, especially for the elderly people. With the dimension of 43″H x 70″L x 29″W, this trike is designed with a maximum load weight of 250 lbs. It is very stable and well constructed. You will find it is excellent for short trips to the store or in the neighborhood. More


Commander Adult Pedal Electric Tricycle

The Commander Electric Trike

The Commander Electric Tricycle checks in at a higher price tag, but it is a heavyweight machine that can handle the load capacity up to 400 lbs. The design is quite similar to the Shopper – it has a low step-through design, a 500-watt hub electric motor and twist grip speed controller with zero to 12 mph. This electric trike is also equipped with a 36V automatic charger and 36V battery pack.

What makes the Commander different from the previous model is that it has been specially designed for heavy duty activities. With its heavy duty 0.150 GA. steel rear wheels, it can provide extra stability and traction for those heavy loads. The weight capacity for this electric trike is 400 lbs, including the rider. The 24-inch wheels deliver a smooth ride and the saddle type seat will give you a comfortable upright riding.

The Commander Electric Tricycle is actually made for the heavier rider who wanted a smooth ride. So if you’re looking for a trike with a higher weight capacity, we highly recommend you to check out this trike. More


Brief comparison between these electric 3 wheel bikes

 The Shopperthe Commander
Shopper Electric TrikeCommander Adult Pedal Electric Tricycle
Dimension43"H x70"L x29"W43" H x 70" L x 29" W
Weight76 lbs (with motor & battery)102 lbs (with motor & battery)
Capacity250 lbs400 lbs
More infoMore info