Best Adult Bicycle Helmet Review – The Importance of Bike Helmet

Best Adult Bicycle Helmet Review

According to research, biking has become one of the in-demand hobbies and sport nowadays and experts also predict that by the year 2025 at least 30% of the population who uses cars as their means of transportation will now be overtaken by a bicycle. This prediction is supported due to a number of reasons which include the unending increase in fuel cost as well as helping to protect and save the environment.

However, since biking has its own dangers included with fun, individuals are much encouraged to have complete safety attire in order to protect and secure themselves. One of the most important gears that all bike riders should have prior to any road trip is, to have a bike helmet. Basically, a bicycle helmet is a head-protective gear intended to be worn while riding a bike which is designed to prevent extreme impacts to the skull of a bike rider.


Generally, there are three popular adult bicycle helmets that consumers can choose from and all of these helmets have gained popularity due to the features and proven performance. These helmets include the Giro Indicator Sport Bike Helmet, Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet, and the Bell Citi Bike Helmet. Common features of these bike helmets usually include built-in vents for cool air over and around the rider’s head as well as the constructed in-mold outer micro-shell.

As for the advantages over each other, the Giro Indicator is ideal for casual use due to its lightweight features as well as the 20 built-in vents. Included in the package also is a snap-fit visor with an ‘Acu Dial fit system’ that can be adjusted between 21.25 and 24 inches and weighs 0.62 lbs. As for the Schwinn Bike helmet, it has a dial fit adjustable system as well as an easily adjustable webbing system for fitting with 10 flow vents is also included.


Bell Citi Bike Helmet, on the other hand, has a utilize Ergo Dial fit system as well as cam lock type levers with a 16 channeled vents. It weighs 255 grams and comes in a universal size. The point to be noted is that it complies with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s, safety standards.

Given all these facts stated above, it only shows that a bicycle helmet is definitely a life-saver gear. Whether people’s bike riding activities differ in so many ways, the bottom line is, helmets are very vital in protecting them and keeping them safe.