Mobo Triton Pro Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

The Mobo Triton Pro Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser is a perfect option for those who have trouble with a standard bike. Many people have balancing problems on a traditional two-wheeled bicycle. In order to overcome their fear of falling, an adult tricycle is a perfect solution for them. If you are not a fan of an old grandma-style three-wheeled bike, the Triton Pro is the trike you need. It has a cool look and can provide you a fun and comfortable ride.

Designed for a Leisure Ride

The Mobo Triton Pro has all the qualities you need for a leisure ride. It comes in a few different colors – Red, Blue, Orange and Silver. The design is great and simple: simple steering mechanism, no messy chain, comfortable seat and adjustable length, which means you can actually share the Triton Pro with your kids as well. As for the assembly process, if you are familiar with bicycle assembly, it will probably take you less than 30 minutes to get the job done, by using the assembly instructions and with the included tools.

Extremely Comfort and Easy

Many people have problems with their knees and can’t do aggressive workouts or traditional cycling. So the Triton Pro is just nice to them. It gives riders a very comfortable, easy and stable ride. The pressure in the riders’ joints is not as hard as on a stationary bike, and it gives them a great lower body workout without any strain on their back.

Some Drawbacks

As it says in the name, The Mobo Triton Pro Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser is a cruiser and not a speed trike. This trike doesn’t have a chain, so there are no gears. The front wheel has the pedals and it goes well if you are on a flat surface. But if you’re living in a hilly area, this trike is not a good choice for you. You should look for a multi speeds tricycle.

Although we found the price a little bit high, with all the great features of this adult trike, we would definitely recommend Triton Pro to everybody. It’s a good buy. Read more


Here are some of the good and bad we found about Triton Pro:

The Good
  • Easy, fun and sturdy design
  • Adjustable length so adult or kids can ride it
  • Easy to assemble
The Bad
  • No gearing
  • A bit pricey, but good value for the money
Perfect for
  • Adults and kids
  • People with joint problems
Product Features
  • Steel frame
  • Joystick steering system
  • Adjustable frame for riders between 4′ and 6’3
  • Caliper hand brake
  • Recumbent seating position
  • More info
 Triton Pro Ultimate
Wheel size
20" Front / 16" Rear
63" x 28" x 27.5"
55 lbs
Weight Capacity
250 lbs
Height Capacity
4' to 6' 3"
SeatSits 13" above ground
Length Adjustment
10 slots adjustments in 16" length
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