Buying a Tricycle – Your Checklist

It can often be a headache when it comes to selecting a tricycle. There are so many different types and models for you to choose from. Below is a simple checklist that every buyer should bear in mind.

Set your spending limit. Whether it’s below $500 or not exceeding $1000, with a set budget you will eliminate unsuitable models to narrow down your ideal trike. This will save you time and effort.

You have to determine what your requirements are in a trike. Are you looking for a tricycle just for leisure purposes that will be used for riding on flat terrains only? Then a single speed trike is for you. It is also better valued for money. If you will be riding on hilly or uneven areas, a multiple speed trike would be a better option. If you need a trike that is easily stored, then you might want to choose a folding trike.

Consider who will be riding the trike. If it is for young adults or children with special needs, you may want to consider a tricycle with smaller wheels and a lower step over. For heavier adults, a tricycle with a solid structure and bigger wheels is likely to be more suitable. If your trike will be used by all the family, including kids, choose a model that has an adjustable length, like the Triton Pro. This is suitable for all family members and features an adjustable height and body frame.

When it comes to trikes, everyone has their own preference, so simply choose the design you prefer. Some people like the recumbent trike as it looks cool and funky. More conventional folk prefer the classic design of an upright model, such as the Schwinn Meridian. The choice is yours!

As well as a getting from A to B, if you also intend to use your tricycle an exercise tool, you may want to eliminate electric or motorized trikes from your list of potentials. These trikes will not give you much of a workout.