Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle Review

The Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle is a simple, basic model – perfect for getting some fresh air or riding around the neighborhood. For those who hate to drive and love being outdoors, this lightweight adult tricycle is a fun option for them. It is also a perfect option for the elderly. For this group of people, their knees aren’t in the best of shape, so a lot of walking can really have them aching. The Dirt King Trike gives them a good way to get some exercise without putting a lot of stress on their joints.

Dirt King Tricycle comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame – which feels indestructible. The adjustable seat and tilting handlebars made this adult trike very easy to find the right comfort level for the rider. If you’re a bit short in the legs, this feature is a big benefit to you. To most riders, one of their favorite features is the smooth ride on all terrain – you can ride it on grass and gravel with no problems. A lot of the bigger adult trikes cannot handle going “off-road”.

Many people love the Dirt King Tricycle because it makes them feel like a kid again. They love riding their Dirt King Trike everywhere, enjoying the summer and being able to get tons and tons of fresh air. It’s also a huge money saver – not driving the car everywhere, especially for all the little things errands like dropping something at the post office or visiting a friend.

The only drawback we can see to this adult three wheel bike is that it isn’t collapsible. It would be nice if this trike has a folding feature for easy storage and transportation.

Overall, Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle is a comfortable trike and works great on nearly any terrain. We recommend this adult tricycle to anyone who are looking for a fun ride. Read more


TricycleDirt King Adult Dually Tricycle
SeatLarge comfortable seat
Seat Frame
Adjustable shock absorber on seat frame
Age10 to Adult
Dimension34" x 30" x 43"
53 lbs
Seat to center
AxleFurtherest 26"
RIMSHeavy duty steel rims
Other5/8 " steel ball bearings
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