Best Bicycle Seat With Backrest

A bicycle seat with backrest gives great comfort to the rider. It allows you to lean back on the seat and relax. Back support offers the rider more leverage to press on the pedals. It also helps to offer stability on the tricycle as you pedal. With a bicycle backrest, we can rest our lower back comfortably. This is ideal for people who need good back support for any distance riding.

Below are some recommendations if you are looking for a great saddle with backrest. These saddles fit most of the regular adult tricycles, including the Schwinn Meridian.

Sunlite Comfort Saddle with backrest

Sunlite Comfort Bike Seat with Backrest

The Sunlite Comfort Saddle (available on Amazon US and Amazon Canada) is a great bicycle backrest and comfortable bike seat. This bike saddle fits on all standard bicycle seat posts. You simply need to unscrew your old seat, install this saddle on and off you go. The installation is generally less than 5 minutes.

The Sunlite Comfort saddle is 11” wide by 9” long. You can adjust the backrest up and down. It has a max height of 9”. This saddle is big and comfortable enough for all type of riders. It is also very sturdy. With this saddle, you will no longer have your back getting tight or cramping up.

Overall, the Sunlite Comfort Saddle is a well-made product with reasonable price. It is well-designed, strong and stylish at the same time. It looks good on your adult tricycle and very attractive to the eyes.

Micargi Bicycle Seat with Backrest

Micargi Bicycle Seat with Backrest

Another bicycle seat with backrest you should look at is the one by Micargi (available on Amazon US). This bike seat has an adjustable backrest. It fits any regular bike or tricycle. It features a 9” long and 10” wide firm seat that is made of foam material. The backrest is adjustable up and down to enhance comfort. However, please take note that it will not able to adjust forward and backward.

The Micargi Bicycle Seat is basically a good quality product. It will be a great addition to your trike, especially for those with back problems and look for a comfortable ride.


Sunlite Comfort Bike Seat with BackrestMicargi Bicycle Seat with Backrest
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A bicycle seat with backrest gives us great riding experience in total comfort. By investing a little extra money, you will have a great added accessory for your tricycle. This is a must have item for anyone with lower back pain who needs extra support. So please get yourself one today to ensure a comfortable riding position.