Bicycle Safety Flags

As a rider on the road, we need several tools and accessories to ensure our safety. Helmet, glasses, headlight, horn, etc. are among some of the popular choices. Although a bike flag is considered a rare option among other adult biking accessories, it does contribute to keeping us out from risks. It can be very helpful especially when you are riding at dawn, dusk, or at night.

Beyond basic traffic rules, a cyclist needs to do whatever he/she can, to promote safety. A bike flag will help to increase your visibility on the road. You may have seen them been used with children bikes and very few on adult bicycles, but it doesn’t matter as long as a bike flag can make you feel comfortable on the road, you should get one for yourself. A flag is a good idea because it will make you more visible to motorists. They will give more space to you and slow down their vehicle a little bit more. A bike flag makes you been seen by the cars in plenty of time to avoid hitting you.

It is not a difficult task to get yourself a bike flag as there are many choices from the bike stores. You can get a Fly Racing Spring Mount Safety Flag which is one of the best-selling safety flags on Amazon. It has a telescoping feature, very sturdy, and works great on a tricycle. Plus, it’s a product made in the USA. This safety flag will make you more visible to motorists and other cyclists.

If you required a taller/longer flag to increase your visibility, you should consider Kwik Tek ATV Safety Flag which comes in 6 feet long. Another popular 6 feet bicycle safety flag, Avenir Safety Flag Orange is more storage friendly as it comes in 3 pieces rather than one long piece.

In general, bicycle safety flags are useful for cyclists especially for recumbent riders as they are lower to the ground. This little helper normally cost us a very small amount, which is a great investment for safety purpose.