Best Adult Tricycle for People with Special Needs

For people with special needs, cycling does not come easy. Trying to coordinate balance, pedaling and steering is an extremely difficult task. Special needs tricycles or normal adult trikes are great options for such riders. These tricycles come in all sizes and varieties. Many of them have a stylish design and offer great features to the riders. Here are a few trikes for adults which are suitable for people with special needs.

1. Worksman WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike

The WTX Wide Tracking Adult Trike looks the same as a classic children trike. The only difference is it is an adult size tricycle. This means this trike bike has bigger wheels and comes with heavier weight. It is an ideal option for motion training and physical therapy for older children or adults with special needs. The WTX Wide Tracker has a sturdy frame which can support rider’s weight up to 250 pounds. It also comes with solid disk wheelbarrow-style wheels, large air tires, super-padded and lycra-covered extra-wide seat, plus upright handlebars. All these great features make the WTX a very stable and comfortable adult 3 wheel bike.

The bike seat is adjustable to various options. And if you prefer to have storage for bring-along or jacket, you can always get a standard bicycle basket and attach it on the front without any difficulty. We recommend WTX WideTracker to our readers because it is a sturdy adult three wheel bike that offers stability with a wide base and upright riding position. This trike bike is a product made in the USA, by reputable maker – Worksman Cycles. Read Review

2. Mobo Triton Three Wheeled Cruiser

Unlike upright adult tricycle, a recumbent tricycle is lighter and more stable because it uses a different steering mechanism. Rider will find such trike bike more comfortable because it fully supports their backs. This means less shoulder and arm stress to them. Therefore, it is one of the great options for riders with disabilities.

The Mobo Triton 3 wheeler has a cool design – free-wheel without chain. It also has a sturdy, adjustable and low-to-the-ground frame, caliper hand brake and comfortable cushioned bike seat. It is a single speed recumbent trike that is great for leisure rides. However with one gear it might be hard to pedal up hills. And because of the low-to-the-ground frame design, it will probably a little messy if it gets wet (such as rain or slush).

Overall Mobo Triton 3 wheeler is one of the fun recumbent trikes for older children and adults with disabilities. It has 2 models: Mobo Triton Ultimate which fits riders up to 5’5” and Mobo Triton Pro Ultimate which fits riders up to 6’3″. Read Review

3. Worksman Port-o-Trike Adult Tricycle

The Worksman Port-o-Trike is perfect for disabled people. Compare to other brands, it is more stable and easier to handle. It has an easy step-through frame, front caliper & rear coaster brake (depends on model) and 20” wheels. It also offers a low center of gravity. This 3 wheel adult bike gives you easy on and off and smooth ride. It also built with the folding feature with no tool required. This makes it smaller to store and easier to transport.

The Port-o-Trike has adjustable handlebar stem, quick-adjust seat post, padded saddle and a rear cargo basket. The weight limit for this folding tricycle is 215 pounds. This trike bike is ideal for riders between 4’6” and 6’ tall. It is a great adult folding tricycle for young and old riders with special needs. The Port-o-Trike has 2 gearing options – single speed and 3-speed. We recommend our readers to go with the 3-speed as it is easier to pedal. Read Review

Here is a brief comparison between these 3 wheel bikes for adults with disabilities:

 WTXMobo TritonPort-o-Trike
WheelSmall16" / 20"20"
Dimension43"(L) x 29.5"(W)63" x 28" x 27.5"62" x 29.5" x 38"
Weight49 lbs55 lbs52 lbs
Capacity250 lbs220 / 250 lbs215 lbs
GearingSingleSingleSingle / 3-speed
More info
More info
More info

Choosing the right special needs tricycle is important. With a suitable trike bike, the rider can simply hop on and goes wherever they want. It is definitely a wonderful experience to see the rider being able to pedal the trike bike and enjoy it. The smile on their face is just priceless and it worth every penny.