Northwoods 24″ RockPoint Adult Tricycle Review

Tricycles aren’t only for kids these days! The RockPoint 24” 7 Speed Adult Tricycle is an adult tricycle with backrest that is built to be cute, sleek, and slightly retro. Elegant yet somehow gritty, this adult 3 wheel bike comes with a 24” central wheel, a spacious basket, comfortable seating, and a beautiful dual color paint job.

The RockPoint is an excellent choice for city dwellers who need to cart around groceries and goods, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of owning a car. Though there are many adult tricycles on the market, but the RockPoint is one of the best when it comes to transporting goods because of the excellent basket design. With the amount of space that the adult tricycle basket offers, you can easily fit several bags of groceries without any effort. The spacing between the bars is small enough to ensure that nothing will get lost but large enough to make sure that nothing will get stuck between the bars by accident.

Along with being a choice adult 3 wheel bike for utility purposes, the RockPoint is an excellent pick for bikers who simply want to have a long, leisurely trek across the trails. The seat is specifically designed for long bike rides and comes with a cozy back for added support. Cushiony yet not too flashy, the bike seat that comes with the RockPoint is one that will help reduce any stress that you might be feeling as you pedal along your way. The RockPoint tricycle’s wheels are also rugged enough to handle almost any terrain.

This is an adult tricycle that has 7 speeds – a unique aspect of the Northwoods line. If you have been wanting the fun and excitement of a 7-speed bicycle with the stability and ease of use of an adult 3 wheel bike, the RockPoint is a good way to go about it. The 7-speed trike is a good way to get your exercise every day, too. All you need to do to burn more calories during your trip is to slow down the speed of your trike.

If you are considering buying an adult tricycle for a friend as a gift, you are probably wondering who would enjoy it. Sporty people adore three wheel bikes, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not your friend knows how to ride a bicycle when you purchase an adult tricycle. Tricycles are naturally balanced, so tipping over is not something you would ever need to worry about. This might just be why the RockPoint is such a popular gift choice!

There isn’t much doubt about it – the trend of riding adult tricycles is becoming an increasingly popular one. If you are curious about riding an adult tricycle for the first time, or if you just want to get a new adult 3 wheel bike for your more intermediate bike rides, the RockPoint is an excellent choice. The RockPoint 24” 7 Speed Adult Tricycle is one of the best adult trikes out there, and well worth the money that you’ll spend on it. Read more


TricycleRockPoint Adult Tricycle
Wheel size
68" x 31" x 30" (Assembled)
Weight57 lbs
Lumbar Seat Back Support
7 speeds
OtherAlloy Stem,
Steel Frame,
Rear Basket,
Front Fender,
36 Spoke Alloy Rims,
Linear Pull Front Brake & Rear Drum Brake
More info