Best Multi Speed Adult Tricycles

Riding a bike is a great way to exercise, explore, or just get around town. Often, you’ll find children riding tricycles as they learn to build their balance and stability on a two-wheeled bicycle, however, many manufacturer’s also make tricycles for adults. Multi speed tricycles are a great alternative to bicycles, especially for people who struggle with a disability or have a difficult time riding a traditional cycle. No matter what the reason, adult tricycles can be a fun and exciting new take on recreational transport.

Komodo Cycling 24-inch 6-speed 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle

6-speed: Komodo Cycling Adult Tricycle

One of the best 6-speed adult tricycles on the market is the Komodo Cycling 24″ Adult Tricycle (available on Amazon US/Amazon Canada). Complete with everything you need to make the transition from cruiser to a tricycle, this model makes riding fun. The trike is incredibly stable and provides extra support for those who need a little help with balancing. The seat is soft and cushioned, and is larger than many models, coming in at just about 12” by 12” wide. The seat is adjustable, which allows for riders of all heights to pedal comfortably.

The Komodo tricycle makes for a smooth ride on bumpy roads, and the front alloy brakes work in combination with steel rear brakes to keep you safe should you need to stop quickly. This model comes complete with a large cargo basket and bike bell, which makes transporting groceries, goods, or pets, a delight. With six speed Shimano RS45 shifter, there’s a gear to tackle all of your neighborhood terrains.

The only downside to this trike is that assembly can be difficult for the average person, and the instruction manual leaves a lot to be desired. Once assembled, the tricycle can be quite heavy, weighing in at around 72 lbs., so it’s best to plan to ride it wherever you need to go, as opposed to transporting it separately. Read Review


Nothwoods RockPoint Adult Trike_1


7-speed: Northwoods RockPoint Adult Tricycle

Stylish and stable, the RockPoint adult trike has an incredibly strong steel frame with an adjustable seat and innovative forward pedal design. This model is comfortable to ride, with a supportive seat back and riding position that allows you to get the most out of your exerted energy. Outfitted with unique Shimano 7 speed Revo Twist Shifters, this trike works well in urban and suburban communities. A large basket at the back of the trike is excellent for carrying anything from packages to pets.

Assembly is relatively easy and requires more adjustment to personal preferences than anything else. Attaching the front wheel and fender are simple, as well as the brakes, and the entire tricycle is ready to ride with just a few steps. Weighing in at just about 57 lbs., this tricycle is lighter than many models on the market. Read Review


Brief comparison between the two adult tricycles

 Komodo CyclingRockPoint
Komodo 6-Speed Adult TricycleKent Bayside 7-speed Adult Tricycle
Weight72 lbs57 lbs
More infoMore info