Komodo Cycling 24″, 6-speed 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle

Many people have always been interested in road biking, but as a person, some may don’t have a very good sense of balance at all. You may not really sure what your options were because what kinds of bikes out there help with balance problems? It felt as if you didn’t have a good sense of balance, biking wasn’t an option.

Well, you can always consider an adult 3 wheel bike. For example this 6-speed Komodo Cycling Adult Tricycle.

The Komodo trike bike is a 3 wheel bicycle that is great for people that need more stability when they are riding it. Many people fell in love with it when they first saw the Komodo trike. Because their dreams of riding a bike with their balance problems were, in fact, possible! The great thing about this trike bicycle is that it is a 6 Speed Adult Tricycle; meaning that it is very similar to a regular bike. Adult three wheel bikes with various speeds give many options and this is ultimately one of the best adult tricycles we have seen. The wheels are 24 inches, which is a great measurement for most people.

The first thing you will notice about the Komodo Cycling 3 Wheel Adult Bicycle is the low step-over. This is fantastic given the fact that you don’t have to step over it with a huge manner just to get on! The seat is very comfortable and the springs make bumps almost unnoticeable. The handlebars on this 3 wheeled bike are not a problem to anyone who rides it because they are very comfortable as well. In the back, there is a very convenient basket for you to keep your stuff or even your pet dog.

The Komodo adult trike also includes a front alloy brake and a rear steel brake. These brakes are powerful and are quick to register when being used.

Overall, the Komodo Cycling 6-speed adult tricycle is a well-built trike with a heavy duty frame. This trike is easy to ride, easy to shift and has excellent stability when in use. We recommend it to any person with mobility difficulty. Read more


Wheel size
Dimension71" x 33" x 44"
72 lbs (shipping weight)
Weight Capacity
Approx 240 lbs (rider and cargo combined)
Folding Feature
6-Speed SHIMANO RS45 shifter and SHIMANO TY-21 derailleur
Steering systemSteel handle bar and stem steering system
SaddleLarge, soft comfortable saddle 12.25 x 11.75 inches
BrakeAlloy front brakes, steel rear brakes
DesignUltra low 15-3/8 inch step through design
BasketLarge White Wire Basket 22.5 x 18.5 x 11.25"
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