Mobo Triton Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

The Mobo Triton Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser is an excellent trike for adults and kids. Not only the design is cool, this three-wheeled cruiser is built with the unique steering system and adjustable frame. This means, it is not only for the kid, but the adult could also ride it for a fun ride too. The three-wheeler was designed being at the low end of the trike. It does not have gear shifting but does have a hand brake.

Great Design

The main thing many people love about Triton Ultimate is on the design. The outlook is very stylish and the whole body was painted beautifully. The frame is solid built and adjustable. Many people found this feature very functional as it makes the Triton Ultimate not restricted to kid rider only but also could be ride by an adult. Unlike other ordinary tricycles, the Triton does not come with the messy chain. The design is plain unique and simple.

Easy to Assemble

The assembly part will be easy for you. Because all tools necessary for assembly will be included in the box. It will not take too much of trouble to put them on. Some owners commented even a housewife who does not have any mechanical knowledge on bicycle or tricycle can get them done within minutes.


Many people always found a recumbent bike is much more comfortable compare to ordinary upright bicycle. The Triton Ultimate Cruiser is very comfortable to sit and ride. It doesn’t hurt your back or butt like other bicycles do. You can pedal while sitting down with your back fully supported. Your ride will be so much fun and it will make you feel like a little kid again!

Some Drawbacks

Although the Triton Ultimate Cruiser is like a fun little machine, it does come with some drawbacks. First of all, it is on the speed. The Triton doesn’t go very fast and it reaches the maximum speed pretty quickly. So it is more for a leisure riding than a serious workout exercise. Also, the Triton does not do well on hills. Its design and tires are more suitable for flat surfaces.

In overall, the Triton Ultimate Cruiser is great for leisure and fun ride. You will find yourself laughing like a kid again when you sit on it. We recommend it to everyone. However, if you are taller than 5 ft. 1, the Triton Ultimate Cruiser may not be the right model for you. You should go for the Triton Pro with longer length design.


Here are some of the pros and cons of this trike:

The Good
  • Well built and comfortable
  • Looks cool and stylish
  • Unique and simple mechanical design. No messy chain.
The Bad
  • Does not go very fast
  • More for flat surfaces than hills
Perfect for
  • Kids and adults (shorter body frame)
Product Features
  • Unique patented steering system
  • Ultra-adjustable frame means “one-size-fits-all”
  • Padded seat
  • Inflatable tires
  • Single-speed gearing
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 Triton Ultimate Cruiser
Wheel size
12" rear and 16" front wheel
35" x 18" x 12"
46 lbs
Weight Capacity
Supports up to 220 lbs
Length Adjustment
Ultra-adjustable frame fits riders from 3' to 5'8"
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