Bicycle Mirrors

We would not say bicycle mirrors are a must-have item for all cyclists, but they are an essential tool meant for safety reasons. Generally, we use mirrors while we were driving or riding a motorcycle on the road. The same practice should be taken by cyclists as well.

Cyclists need bicycle mirrors for safety reasons. With this little tool attached to your adult tricycle, you can identify overtaking cars easily. As you may notice, most of the motorists tend to switch lane at the very last minute, so bicycle mirrors will help you to react spontaneously. You can observe the approaching vehicle from behind and get yourself prepared in advance. You can also use it for checking before you change lanes or make a turn.

Once your adult tricycle equipped with bicycle mirrors, it will enhance your situational awareness. With a little help from it, you will get yourself ready for any spontaneous incident. Bicycle mirror is a tool to provide you with more data and information surrounding you. This is extremely helpful when you were on the road with high traffic.

Bicycle mirrors also make our life easier. Cycling would be much more convenient by using mirrors from your left and right. This is because you no longer have to look over a shoulder for traffic checking. This tool will help you judge the situation easily and safely, without turning your head.

Although knowing how important bicycle mirrors are to a cyclist, some people find this tool silly looking and they are fine without having a mirror for their adult tricycles. We do not encourage our readers to do so because bicycle mirrors will save you from being hit or get into a road accident. It is an extremely effective safety tool to save cyclists’ life. Therefore, we strongly recommend our readers to get themselves a least one of these useful tools.

Sunlite Bicycle 3″ Round Mirror is one of the best-selling bike mirrors on the market. It is a 3″ round mirror designed with a 1″ reflector, which will fit all standard handlebars. If you prefer a wider and bigger mirror, you can always choose the rectangular version. Both mirrors are fully adjustable and work on all adult tricycles with handlebars.