Best Three Wheel Bikes for Seniors

There is nothing better than the joy of speeding down a road or sidewalk on a bicycle, with the wind in your hair and the landscape stretched out before you. Unfortunately, as we grow older, it can become more difficult to keep up our balance on a traditional two-wheeled bicycle. Thankfully, there are some fantastic adult 3 wheel bike options designed for just such an instance.

1. Komodo 6-Speed Adult Tricycle

The Komodo is a 6-speed adult trike bike with 24-inch wheels that offer the fantastic freedom of cycling without the effort of maintaining balance. The steel frame is durable and easily customizable. It offers a low step through, making mounting and dismounting the tricycle a breeze, even for elderly riders who cannot step very high. The alloy wheels are complimented with stainless steel spokes to prevent weather-related wear and tear, and to give an easy ride across any even terrain. The multi-speed gears and reinforced chain help to make sure a delightfully smooth ride.

This fantastic adult three wheel bike is designed to carry riders up to 240 lbs (108 kg). It can also be a great tool for running small errands since a steel rear-mounted cargo basket is included! The heavily padded seat is designed for the ultimate comfortable riding experience, and the bike itself is available in a beautiful variety of bright and vibrant colors. If you’re interested in traditional upright biking, this is definitely the model for you! Read Review


2. KMX Typhoon 8-speed Recumbent Trike

If upright biking is uncomfortable or painful, you are not left without options. KMX offers 8-speed recumbent tricycle that are designed to let you enjoy the freedom of cycling without having to sit straight on a traditional trike. Riding this trike is like sitting in a chair. The strong Hi Carbon Steel frame allows for easy movement and steering, as well as an even ride over even the bumpiest terrain. The resilient materials and unique design allow this trike to carry riders that weigh up to 300 lbs on the road. The multi-speed shifter makes it simple to make your way up any hills that life might throw at you.

If you’re interested in customization, you will not be disappointed. Like all KMX models, the Typhoon is easy to build and can be upgraded with ease. It can be a phenomenal choice for riders who have knee problems or need to improve their overall leg strength, because it provides the same level of exercise as a traditional upright bicycle or tricycle, without the impact that comes from being upright. Read more


Below is a brief comparison between the two adult tricycles.

 KomodoKMX Typhoon
Wheels24"16", 20"
Weight72 lbs41.5 lbs
Capacity240 lbs210 lbs (Off Road use), 300 lbs (for Road Use)
More infoMore info

Don’t think you need to stop riding just because you can no longer sit or balance on a traditional bicycle. These fantastic trikes are the perfect example of the amazing tools that are available to keep you on the road no matter the circumstances. Take to the roads and enjoy all that fresh air!