Trike Accessories

Buying your first tricycle can be one of the most exciting experiences in the world. You will have to choose your brand, decide on a model, and work out your budget, as well as a few other considerations that you may not have thought about at first. We learn a new thing from each part of the process and narrow down our choice until at last, we decide on that perfect trike. But let’s not forget about the accessories! Here are some helpful suggestions.


Whenever you are on the road, safety should always come first. A bicycle helmet will protect the most important parts of your body – your brain and skull. Make sure a helmet is at the top of your accessory checklist! Read more




When you have spent a couple of hundred dollars on a new trike, you don’t want to put your investment at risk. If you must leave your trike unattended for any period of time, a bicycle lock is essential for security purposes.



Bell or Horn

These are very useful on the roads to alert vehicles or pedestrians of your presence. A bicycle bell or horn is a very handy accessory to have on your checklist. Read more




A mirror will allow you to see any traffic behind you. This basic safety accessory is an essential piece of equipment for any road user. Read more



It can be easy to forget how important a tricycle cover is. It will protect your tricycle from dust and water and will ensure your garage always looks tidy. A good quality cover will help to prolong the life of your tricycle. Read more



Every cyclist should have a bike pump to hand. It is a must-have tool and will save you whenever you encounter a flat tire. It is a low-cost investment that gives you convenience and peace of mind. Read more



Remember that it doesn’t just end once you have bought your ideal trike. You should complete your ride with these essential accessories. They will be your riding companions and will give you great security, convenience, and flexibility. Make sure these items are on your checklist.