Bicycle Horn Review

Bicycle horn serves as an alternative to bike bell and it is also a great trike accessory for safety purposes. You may notice sometimes while you were on the road, your bike bell seems isn’t loud enough for pedestrians who are having their iPods stuffed in their ears. Under such circumstances, a bike horn is always a better solution.


With a bicycle horn attached to your tricycle, it gives heads-up to the motorists about your existence and prevents unnecessary accidents. You will be able to give advanced warning to them for not pull out blindly into the bike lane. Besides, a bike horn can also help to keep the dogs away. It is much more effective than a bicycle bell when you were riding in areas where dogs will be a real problem.


Although bicycle horn seems to be a very helpful accessory in bike commuting, you should use it wisely with common sense. It is definitely not a good idea to horn on a pedestrian or a cyclist at a close distance, as this will going to give them a shock. You should ensure that you are doing it far enough, in order for them to hear it without startling them as it would if you were closer.


An old-time bicycle horn with the black bulb on the end is always a wonderful choice. You can get yourself a Timoo Bicycle Horn or a Coolrunner Bugle Horn. These two classic bike horns are great deals at a cheap price. The installation is very easy and they always provide extra fun to your ride.


And for those riders with a great sense of humor, why not get yourself a Sumo Wrestler Bike Horn? Every time when you ride and honk, I’m sure you will get a good laugh from pedestrians, as well as a laugh back. This bicycle horn will certainly make you stand out from the crowd!