Best Baby / Child Bike Seat Review

Most parents prefer to get a baby bike seat for their little ones so that they could ride together around the neighborhood or go to the shops and markets to get fresh veggies and fruits. Some prefer getting a seat instead of a trailer for reasons such as the convenience of getting it in and out of the seat, plus due to the riding condition of hilly terrain and inclines. Here we would like to recommend one of the best child bike seats available – iBert Safe-T Seat for parents who are looking for such an item.

Feature and Performance

Unlike other baby bike seat, Safe-T Seat gives you a complete balance ride and full interaction with your child. With the iBert, you can actually talk to your little one while you are riding. Sitting in the front will gives your baby a better view plus a better center of gravity. This child bike seat is smaller and easy to attach to your bicycle or tricycle. Loading or unloading your baby from it is much easier and safer. Some people may be a little skeptical about the knee clearance with a child seat attached in the front. But the fact is pedaling does not make knees hit the child seat. If it does, what you need to do is simply raise it to elongate your pedal stroke as well as your handlebar.

Assembly and Installation

The iBert Safe-T Seat is easy to install and assemble. Generally, you should be able to get all done in 15 minutes by referring to the instruction manual. The seat mechanism is simple and straight forward. It is just a little T-bar that you will be in contact with your bike/ trike and the seat plugs itself on this bar. This child bike seat keeps your little one in a perfect position. Taking off the seat from your bike can also be done fairly quickly.


  • Small and easy to attach
  • Easy and safe loading and unloading of child
  • Maintains center of gravity
  • Recommended for children 1 – 4 years old
  • Maximum recommended height: 42 inches
  • Maximum recommended weight: 38 pounds
  • Made in USA

Safety Tips

  • Always remember to have a test ride around your neighborhood or an empty parking lot, in order to have a good idea of how to make adjustments in terms of starting, stopping, turns, etc.
  • Always maintain control and balance whenever you loading or unloading your child.
  • Avoid letting your child hold on to anything while riding.
  • Ensure all bolts, clips and pins are secured.

Most people love the iBert Safe-T Seat because this baby bike seat places your little one in a very interactive position. It is an absolutely great design for a child’s comfort and enjoyment. Once you start to use it on your bike, your only complaint would be you didn’t find out about this product sooner! Read more