Adult Tricycle / Bike Seat Review – Selecting the Right Seat

Often the standard Bike Seat that comes fitted with any kind of bike is bound to be a pain. Sitting on it for extended rides might make it seem like you are torturing yourself. As such, it is often quite important for bicycle or tricycle riders to get a seat that provides them with the exact amount of space and comfort. Getting the ideal bike seat often takes months; depending on the type of your bike and your usage, the ideal bike seat differs according to your need.

If you are a tricycle rider, definitely your usage of the bike would differ. Tricycles are generally driven by the elderly and overweight people. As such, a tricycle seat should have a specific emphasis on providing comfort to the rider behind and avoid damage to the perineum. In regards to this, an ideal tricycle seat is the Adult Trike Seat black large Western Saddle. Measuring at 12” by 16”, it offers ideal space for oversized people to fit and comfortable ride back. It also comes with under-saddle support that avoids the seat from tilting to the sides. This allows for a stable and comfortable riding experience. It should be noted that this tricycle seat is not for people who are small in size (as it is obviously of larger size) and requires a bit of hard work for installation.

Another two bicycle seats that are often recommended are SunLite Lycra Bike Seat and the SunLite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Bicycle Seat. The SunLite Cloud-9 is an ideal seat that is fitted with a dual-density gel that allows the seat to remain comfortable over distances. Moreover, its suspension system is also quite good as it absorbs most impact a rough terrain. However, over long distances, the gel tends to ‘contract’ under the weight and specific pressure arises on the delicate parts of our body. This makes Cloud 9 only ideal for short to moderate distance travel.

The Lycra Bike Seat is the largest offered product by Sun-Lite for bicycle seats. As such it is quite comfortable for heavily built people or people with well-endowed posteriors. Fitted with an Elastomer suspension, moderate-sized bumps are rarely felt by the rider as the suspension absorbs all impact. The SunLite Lycra bicycle seat also specifically emphasizes on maintaining a design that provides specific relief to the perineum and pubic region. Even on longer trips, the delicate regions of your body settle in into the ‘ditch’ provided in the seat for them, avoiding any pressure or damage to such areas of the body. Read more