Sunlite Recumbent Hitch Mount Bike Rack Review

People who enjoy cycling as a leisure activity will often like to travel to different areas in order to experience new cycle routes. This will typically involve them driving to different locations with their bike attached to the back of their car. In order to do this safely, they will require a secure hitch bike rack to be fitted. The Sunlite Recumbent Hitch Rack HRT-220 is one such device.

This hitch rack attaches bikes securely to the back of a vehicle with two curved hooks and one flat hook. It is designed to be extremely easy to hitch and unhitch bikes, and no tools are required in the process. Furthermore, bikes are hitched using a very clever “no-wobble” system. Some hitch bike rack models have a tendency to allow bikes to move, or wobble, as the car is being driven. This can be very distracting for the driver as the impression is given that the bikes are never fully secure. With the Sunlite Recumbent Hitch Rack HRT-220, this is never an issue, as its solid fifteen-pound frame ensures that bikes are safely mounted.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of this hitch mount bike rack is its versatility. As its name suggests, it is designed for mounting recumbent bikes as well as regular models. Not all hitch rack devices have this feature, even though recumbent bikes are becoming increasingly popular. The Sunlite Recumbent Hitch Rack HRT-220 has the capacity for mounting two recumbent two-wheel bikes or a single recumbent trike. Alternatively, it can mount two regular two-wheel bikes or one regular trike. This hitch bike rack is, therefore, perfect for couples who like to go away on cycling trips together, as well as for individual cyclists.

In addition to its versatility, the Sunlite Recumbent Hitch Rack HRT-220 is designed for convenience. It comes with two small wheel adapters, and its wheel holders can be easily positioned and adjusted. This is an especially useful feature when different styles of bikes are being mounted. When the hitch bike rack is not being used it folds down neatly against the back of the vehicle, and does not look obtrusive as other hitch racks can. In addition, its padded top clamps mean that it is always firmly fixed in position, whilst at the same time never affecting a car’s paintwork.

The Sunlite Recumbent Hitch Rack HRT-220 is a heavy and sizeable hitch mount bike rack, which may be more than some people require. For people who own a recumbent bike, however, a hitch rack such as this is a necessity. Even for those people who own a regular bike, the secure mounting, ease of use, and convenience which this hitch rack provides means that it will be sure to meet their needs. Read more



  • Easily adjustable wheel holders
  • Fits 2-regular or 2-recumbent two wheel bikes or fits 1 adult trike or 1-recumbent trike
  • Padded top clamps
  • No-wobble-no-tools hitch system
  • Folds flat against car when not in use, also tilts down for rear access
  • Comes with 2 small wheel adapters, 2 curved hooks and 1 flat hook
  • More info