Best Bike Basket Review

You may notice most of the adult tricycle comes with only a rear basket. This bike basket is big enough to serve as a cargo purpose. Something large enough to hold a couple of books, a bike lock, or a jacket from time to time on your way to a coffee shop or grocery store. But what about the front? We are sure some riders prefer to have another front basket up there, just in case the grocery run overflows.

Below are some recommendations for our readers in finding a good front basket.

Wald 3133 Quick Release Basket

Wald had been making bike baskets for around 50 years and to date, they still building them the same way they did in the beginning. Wald 3133 Quick Release Basket is probably one of their best-selling models. This bike basket is sturdily built with the size of a single paper grocery bag. It uses a robust fitting (3033) that bolts onto your handlebar. It is a front handlebar basket with a sturdy basket holder. You won’t go wrong with Wald basket as this maker is a trusted brand.

Sunlite Mesh Bottom Bicycle Lift-Off Basket

With the powder-coated steel construction and mesh bottom design, the Sunlite Mesh Botton Bicycle Lift-Off Basket is another great option. This bike basket has an attachment bracket with hooks that fit over the handlebars. It is well made and durable. You can put on or take off this basket easily. The Sunlite is a great basket that works well on most of all trike models.

Pet Bicycle Basket

And for pet lovers, here is a nice bike basket for your little puppy or kitty. Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket is a great idea for all pet owners. This bike basket is sturdy and the mounting system is very secure. It is fairly easy to install and can be taken on and off easily. It is a pet basket with the cutest look and gives great comfort to your little pals.

Front baskets give us great convenience because it is nice to have things in front where you can keep an eye on them. You just have to toss your stuff into the bike basket and off you go. But of course, if you are carrying something really heavy, the rear carriers would be ideal for the task.