Bike Lights – Planet Bike Beamer 3 LED Bicycle Light with Quick Cam Bracket Mount

Bike Lights

Cycling is the art of using bicycles for means of a hobby, transportation, or even for sports. Basically, there are lots of minor and major benefits of cycling. Some consider it as a good form of exercise while others favor it due to its convenience, safety, and ease. Whereas for some individuals, who prefer extreme sports and adventure, requires them to add some accessories on their bikes, such as bike lights, in order for them to maintain the safety and security of the said sport.

Since security and safety are the most important factors when it comes to biking, a cyclist should be aware of the importance of bicycling lighting. This concept is the visibility of the cyclist to other elements such as vehicles in dark conditions. Reflectors, as well as active lights, are just some of the accessories that bike riders should have for them to be more visible and avoid danger. Given that Bicycle lights are said to be one of the most important accessories, the cyclist does need them especially if they are one of the racers or a commuter, being meticulous and careful in choosing the right product should be the quality that most bike riders should possess.

When it comes to this accessory, the Planet Bike Beamer 3 LED bicycle light is said to be on top of the list of consumers. This product offers several beneficial features that consumers can trust to, which include the 3 white extreme v 2.0 LED Lights powered by nichia, that can illuminate the cyclist path very well, up to 2,000 ft. It also includes a quick cam-type bracket mounting device which is securely attached to the handlebars which can be easily adjusted and removed very quickly without using any tools at all.

Incorporated as well on the package are two AA batteries which can be used up to a hundred hours with a soft-touch power switch that can access the flashing and steady modes that securely have a lifetime warranty.

Although some individuals assume this product to be bigger than others as well as having a tough switch, still lots of consumers prefer this product due to its excellent design, which promotes convenience, durability, and effectiveness.

Furthermore, based on the reviews and comments of most consumers, those who have tried and tested the planet bike beamer 3 LED light, it only shows that the pros of this product really outweigh the cons. Read more