The Treecycle

In some Asian countries, bamboo has always been symbolized with elegance and purity. This plant used to be a feature of various aspects of daily life. It was used for food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Bamboo is viewed as a symbol of traditional Asian values.

What if we combine these natural elements into today’s lifestyle? The answer is The Treecycle, a combination of today’s technology into green living art.

Design and Bodywork

Treecycle is a chic, practical, and environmentally friendly three-wheeled machine. Whether you are using it for transportation or leisure riding, this tricycle will definitely give you a pleasant ride while reducing your carbon footprint.

What makes Treecycle stand out from the crowd is its unique design and material used. The bodywork is built from laminated bamboo chosen for its excellent mechanical properties, as well as its ecological qualities. As for the frame, it is semi-recumbent made of stainless steel. Plus the system is comprised of high-powered LEDs all around. And it is supplied by a discrete solar panel place on the top. These designs give great value to safety, durability, and comfort.

Luggage Compartment

Unlike other ordinary tricycles which built with a rear basket, there is a luggage compartment built below the passenger seats. This compartment is spacious enough to keep around 100 liters of storage and it is designed at a barely noticeable space. This cool feature makes Treecycle looks simple, clean, and neat.

The Advertising Panel

Another great feature is its advertising panel. There is a simple slide-in location at the back and you can make use of it for advertising. It will definitely grab so much attention when you were on the road.

The Treecycle is a new product from MGT Engineering. Read More