Cyclocomputer – Schwinn 20 Function Bike Computer

Schwinn is a company that has a uniquely striking reputation for delivering the highest quality sports supplies on the market, and the new Schwinn 20-Function Bike Computer definitely can serve as proof that the company’s reputation is based on truth. Bikers who use their cycling habits as a way to lose weight, become healthy, or compete often want to find out all the little statistics of their trips. Are you one of the many curious bike aficionados searching for the questions to those statistical answers? This bike computer might be what you need to buy.

The Schwinn 20-Function Bike Computer is a perfect pick for people who are interested in getting a gizmo that will help them lose weight. This cyclocomputer will tell you the distance you traveled on your bike trip, the calories that you burned during your trip, your biking speed, and even helps you keep track of the time that you spent adventuring on your favorite bicycle. When you know all the little odds and ends about your bike trips, it’s a lot easier to make sure that you get the exercise you need and keep the caloric intake in your diet low enough to burn fat away. Along with being able to make your exercise more efficient, this bike computer is a great way to learn a little bit about your body, your biking habits, and how much work you actually put into your biking. Some even think of it as a digital reality check.

Schwinn is also known for having a sleek, elegant, and sporty style that appeals to just about anyone who looks at their wares. This particular line of bicycle computers comes in a cute candy apple red and silver color theme, making it an eye-catching computer that will be sure to get compliments from your fellow bikers. Along with a cute color design, the Schwinn 20-Function Bike Computer is also easy to fit onto your handlebars and is able to hold on during bumpier rides as well.

America’s most well-known bicycle manufacturer is now expanding its line to include some of the most high-end bicycle accessories that money can buy. Despite the fact that each of these bicycle computers is made to the highest standards, the engineers at Schwinn made them surprisingly affordable. It comes as no surprise to any of the review sites that the Schwinn 20-Function Bike Computer has become known as an inexpensive luxury that people can enjoy during every bicycle trip. Ideal as both a gift and a personal use tool, Schwinn definitely made a treat for any bicycle rider interested in getting the most out of their daily excursions. Read more



  • Speed functions: current speed, average speed, max speed, speed tendency, speed comparator, km/mph, auto start and stop
  • Distance functions: odometer, odometer reset, trip distance, tripometer reset, and miles or kilometers
  • Fitness functions: calorie counter, fat burned, and trip timer
  • Also displays temperature and time
  • Easy-to-read backlit display
  • More info