Sports For Overweight People

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Most overweight people may face difficulty when doing certain sports activities. When they run or do other cardio exercises, they may encounter breathing difficulty, muscle, or chest discomfort. In general, experts do not recommend overweight people participate in vigorous exercise. The reason is their body condition may not be able to handle it well. However, this should not be the reason to stop moving your feet. You still have quite a number of choices to give your body a total workout.

A slow jog or brisk walking is always highly recommended to overweight people. You may first put yourself in a calm and relax condition. Start with brisk walking. Put your arms into 90 degrees position and swing them to the back while you were walking. After one round or two of brisk walking, you may then start a slow jog. As your body had already been warmed up, you should be able to find yourself jogging without much difficulty.

Another option is playing table tennis. Unlike tennis, table tennis does not require players to run over the field or wide area. This sport is more overweight people friendly, but yet still could give you a chance to have a great workout.

If you find yourself started to get bored with jogging or table tennis, how about cycling? This is a great cardio workout that could help to burn off your excess calories. Be it riding around the neighborhood area or in the park, cycling allows you to get closer to nature and enjoy the sunshine. If you face difficulty to balance yourself with a bicycle, you can always consider riding a tricycle.

In case you have a friend or partner who loves outdoor activities, you may also consider going hiking. This is another great option to enjoy the beautiful scenery while gives your body a total workout.

Although overweight people may not suitable to do certain sports activities, this should not be an excuse for you to keep being a couch potato. You should pick an exercise which suits you the best and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

RELATED ARTICLE: Best 3 Wheel Bike for Heavy People »