Schwinn Bicycle Seat

Schwinn Bicycle SeatSchwinn bicycle seat is always comfortable than any other ordinary hard seat. This model – Schwinn No Pressure Seat is made of high-density and comfort foam. It is designed to limit pressure point content and let your buttocks rest on it. Unlike other tiny little bike saddle which will kill your pelvic bones, this seat is soft, comfy and very supportive.

Schwinn No Pressure Seat is very padded and has a broad design. It does not have the pointy part that can make a man feeling uncomfortable. This seat has about an inch of good gel-like padding and the cover is made of fairly tough vinyl. With Schwinn No Pressure Seat, you will no longer feel sore or numb on your tight or lower part. It is perfect for either man or woman cyclists, lightweight or heavyweight rider.

Product Features

The Good

Comfortable is the main selling point for Schwinn No Pressure Seat. Cyclists love it because it could bear your weight on your bottom. It is also very easy to install and the whole process of changing the seat will usually take less than 3 minutes. Another thing makes this seat so great is on the price. It is cheap and yet makes a huge contribution to man’s health – protect your private part from being numb after long hours of riding.

The Bad

However, if looks and style are important to you, Schwinn No Pressure Seat will not be your ideal purchase. As this seat is more about practical comfort, the shape looks weird to some peoples. It’s broad and wide design definitely make it not a sexy looking seat!

One important thing to note is you must adjust the seat so that it is not leaning forward. And once you get it adjusted to the desired position, you will have the greatest seat in the world! Schwinn No Pressure Seat is highly recommended to anyone who is uncomfortable on a regular bike seat. Try it and you will definitely notice the huge difference.