Westport Three Wheeled Bikes – Adult Folding Tricycle

Some people just can’t balance on a two-wheel bike, even with lots of practice. So one good alternative is getting an adult tricycle. For example a Westport Adult Folding Tricycle by Kent International. This trike is perfect for those who are looking for a stable and safe ride, plus a folding feature for storage convenience.

Cute Little Trike

For most petite riders, a 26″ wheels might be too large for them. So the Westport Adult Folding Tricycle is just a perfect solution. This trike is built with 20” wheels, much lower stepovers and a rear basket. Its most important feature: it’s a folding trike!

Excellent Engineering Design

One of the main things we love about this adult folding tricycle is its well-engineered design. This trike is built with a strong steel frame and a suspension fork that cushions the ride when you encounter bumps. With its extra-wide adjustable seat, you can cycle in the most comfortable position and enjoy the wind blowing on your face.

Folding Function

The Westport is designed with a folding mechanism for easy storage or transport. When you are not out enjoying a ride, simply fold it up and keep it in a little corner of your garage. This unique design makes the Westport tricycle a very good choice for people who live in the city or in a tight space. Like other three-wheeled bikes, this trike is also built with a spacious basket. This is great for transporting your groceries, loading up with other stuff, or even carrying a small suitcase.

Overall, the Westport Adult Folding Tricycle is a wonderful machine. You will be impressed by its excellent design. It is very sturdy, fairly easy to ride, stable and secure. Many owners are very pleased with the Westport and highly recommend it to everyone! Read more


Here are some of the good and bad we found about Westport Adult Folding Tricycle:

The Good
  • Excellent design. Sturdy and secure.
  • Extra wide seat and suspension cushion
  • Great flexibility: adjustable seat and folding mechanism
  • Large cargo compartment
The Bad
  • Single speed makes it difficult to ride in area with inclines
Perfect for
  • People who have difficulties balancing on two-wheeled bicycles
  • Adults or children with special needs
  • Elderly people who need a safe and secure bike
  • Rider who required some cargo function
  • Pet lover
Product Features
  • 20″ Wheels
  • Strong Steel Frame
  • Rear Basket Equipped
  • Folding Design
TricycleKent International Westport
Wheel size
69 x 26 x 46 inches
56.1 pounds
Weight Capacity
250 lbs
Height Capacity
Max 6’ 6"
Folding feature
More info